Full Time Pastor at Tamil Gospel Church, Kendall park, NJ

Tamil Gospel Church is a nonprofit religious corporation organized exclusively for religious purposes and served mostly by volunteers of their time and service. The main purpose of the Tamil Gospel Church is to reach out to the Indian Tamils and all other Tamil speaking communities with the aspiration of sharing the gospel of Christ and winning souls for our Lord, for “it is the will of our Lord and Savior that none should perish but to have eternal life.”
TGC is looking for a full time Pastor who can join them during the month of September 2019.

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Please find the job description below:

1.0 Primary Function

The Pastor of Tamil Gospel Church (or the Senior Pastor) shall be the spiritual leader of the congregation. The Pastor shall also chair the Church Council Meetings and the GB meetings. The Pastor shall be an ex-officio member of the Church Council and all church committees. But the Pastor shall not have the voting rights. The responsibilities of the Pastor shall include:

1.1 Conduct worship services and preach the word of God
1.2 Minister to the spiritual needs of the congregation as a shepherd of the congregation as a whole (I Peter 5:1-3) through visitation, prayer and counseling
1.3 Administer the Holy sacraments (Matthew 28:19-20, I Cor 11:23-26) including baptism, confirmation, communion, marriage and death, etc.
1.4 Lead and promote congregational activities, encourage and develop lay participation in the church service
1.5 Attend meetings of the Church bodies (GB, Council and all Committees) and chair the meetings as an ex-officio member.
1.6 Represent the church and participate in various external activities conducted by church/Christian missions and organizations along with lay delegates.
1.7 Advise and guide the council and all committees in discharging their responsibilities.
1.8 Lead special cottage and gospel meetings organized by the Church.
1.9 Supervise and direct the Associate Pastor if any.

2.0 Key Responsibilities

2.1 Plan and conduct the worship services in TAMIL and ENGLISH; prepare and deliver sermons in TAMIL and ENGLISH during regular worship, and at planned church events. Prepare and deliver message/ short sermon to Children of TGC and connect well with the children. Prepare church worship service power point presentations (liturgy material including appropriate selection of hymns, bible reading, usher duties) in coordination with ministry heads. Pastor’s involvement in church music is an added advantage.
2.2 Lead the church in an effective program of witnessing and in a caring ministry for persons in the church and community. Lead in observance of ordinances.
2.3 Visit members & prospects and reachout to them on B’day, W’day prayers over phone / in person
2.4 Conduct counseling sessions; perform wedding ceremonies; conduct funerals. Conduct baptism. Conduct Holy Communion classes.
2.5 Serve as chairman of the Church Leadership Team (Church Council) to lead in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and evaluating the church ministries.
2.6 Work with Council Members, church officers, and committees/teams as they perform their assigned responsibilities; train and lead the deacons / coordinators in their ministry.
2.7 Act as moderator of church business meetings such as Council meetings, and General body meetings.
2.8 Cooperate with association, state, and denominational leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern; keep the church informed of denominational development; represent the church in civic matters.
2.9 Serve as chief administrator of the paid church staff if any and supervise the work of the staffs.

3.0 Congregational Expectations

3.1 Service and Sermon
Pastor should be an inspirational preacher, an effective teacher and keep the congregation attentive throughout the sermon. Sermons should have clear Biblical instruction with appropriate Bible references and examples. Sermon topic should be relevant to the season / event. Sermon duration must be appropriate to the even / service. Pastor should be able to lead the congregation in Singing and in Worship. Pastor should be able to conduct the entire service well.

3.2 Ministry and other Church activities
Pastor should keep up-to date information on all the Church ministries and activities. Pastor is expected to provide spiritual guidance for all Church ministries and plays an active role in bringing in new initiatives in the ministries Pastor shall encourage the Church members to take part in various ministries and encourage the TGC kids to take part in Church ministries. In coordination with church council Pastor should be able to organize, plan and lead the special cottage and gospel meetings organized by the Church effectively. Pastor is expected to represent the Church in various external activities. Pastor should be able to reach out to local communities in bringing new families to Church

3.3 Pastoral Care
Pastor is expected to reach out to the people who are sick and follows up on the prayer requests. Pastor shall be approachable by the church members and he is expected to understand the concerns and respond in a timely manner. Pastor shall help to discover and develop your spiritual gifts and abilities. Pastor shall work towards harmony and oneness within the Church congregation. Pastor must have the ability to lead people from other faiths into Christ. Pastor should be able to commute by himself without depending upon the congregation / council’s help.

3.4 Personal Characteristics
Pastor must exhibit strong Spiritual leadership and good administrative skills. Pastor shall oversee the various Church committees in an orderly fashion. Pastor shall handle criticism well and exhibit positive attitude towards any feedback provided. Pastor is expected to resolve conflicts if any with in the congregation. Pastor shall be a trusted servant of God and maintain confidentiality.

4.0 Qualifications of the Pastor

The Pastor of Tamil Gospel Church shall be a person formally trained from a recognized Theological Seminary or College. He shall be a duly ordained Pastor of any denomination or recognized Christian Institution consistent with the faith of this Church. He shall be sound in the faith, and apt to teach the Holy Scriptures. His personal life and conduct should be above reproach. He shall also be duly licensed by the State Authority.

Please email us at Pastorsearch@tamilgospelchurch.org if you have any questions.